Ten Re-Imagined Disney Posters



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What if The Joker was Drawn Like Harley Quinn?

I think he’d look better in a nurse uniform.

Start Monday off right.



In this Disasterland series, Mexican artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros puts classic Disney characters in decidedly adult situations, as a “tribute to pop culture, fashion, animation, horror films and the undeniable attraction of celebrity.” 

With his sharp and characteristic black humor Loaiza captures images once morbidly circulated by the media, and proposes a novel way of reviewing them. In Disasterland, heterosexual happy endings have been discarded; outdated. In this story, discriminated minorities will finally achieve the resolution they’ve yearned for, beyond any bias or phobia.

Behold an apple infused with truth; behold a mirror in which we can truly see our reflection. This is our magical world of disaster. via

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